Serena is among the most sought-after communities for purchasing houses located in Dubai. Apart from the luxurious residences, one will find three community centres located in the area that provide amenities like restaurants, swimming pools, cafes, wellness centres and BBQ areas, playgrounds, gyms as well as retail outlets and a medical clinic in Serena. There are walking and jogging trails for those who love fitness. The swimming and recreational areas, as well as the pools, are a great way to enjoy a relaxing time with your family.

Serena is established in 3 phases: Casa Dora, Bella Casa and Casa Viva.

Bella Casa offering 2 - and 3-bedroom townhouses in Serena that are luxurious and semi-detached homes with three bedrooms was the initial section of Serena. The development is visible directly to the left of Mudon. It promises to offer the residents a comfortable and relaxing life.

Casa Dora was the second stage of the project in Serena that consisted of Portuguese-inspired townhouses. In this area, you will find large two and 4-bedroom homes with vast green spaces, with the majority of amenities offered in the Central Plaza - an open-air plaza that serves as a community centre. Residents have direct access to major roads and key areas within the Emirate.

Casa Viva will be the most anticipated third stage in the construction. The townhouses that are 2 and 3 bedrooms represent the Mediterranean style of architecture, making these homes even more desirable.

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