Your Guide to Dubai's Best Villa Communities

A city as appealing as Dubai has a lot to offer its fortunate residents. You can easily find your ideal home here, regardless of your budget or lifestyle. The variation of communities and properties provides a wide range of options.It's a good idea to upgrade your home to a villa if you want more sp...

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Best Areas To Buy Commercial Properties In Dubai

Dubai has emerged as the leading destination for those seeking a lavish and thrilling lifestyle, attracting both foreign investors and entrepreneurs. This city has a lot to offer, such as historical landmarks, spectacular residential projects, breathtaking skyscrapers, limitless commercial developme...

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Reasons to consider buying property in Downtown Dubai

The tallest building in the world, the world's largest shopping mall, and the world's tallest hotel. Downtown Dubai truly has it all, and it's no surprise that this vibrant, cosmopolitan district is one of the most popular places to buy real estate in Dubai. So, if you've been looking for a place to...

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Safe and secure: Dubai's Low Crime Rate

Dubai is one of the most popular city in the world.There are many factors that supports this and one of those main factors that supports this are the lowest crime rate and the cleanest city.These make it a great place to live, work and raise a family with various luxuries at your door step. Dubai ha...

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Winter activities in Dubai you mustn't miss when within the UAE

Winter in Dubai could be a great time for tourists to enjoy outdoor activities. Today, we'll tell you about some places where you'll be able to spend your winter vacation in an unforgettable way. When the weather cools down, the town is home to variety of brilliant things to try. Yes, as cooler bree...

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Highest-Priced Apartment in Dubai History Sold for AED 163M

Dubai is quickly becoming one of the world's most popular destinations for luxury real estate. The most expensive apartment ever sold in Dubai was in August 2022.This majestic property is located in Palm Jumeirah's prestigious Royal Atlantis Residence - sold for AED 163 million ($44 million).The fiv...

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Why Dubai is the Best Place to be During the FIFA World Cup 2022?

Thousands of tourists will come to attend the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.  Because of its proximity to Doha, Dubai will be the best place for fans to stay during the FIFA world cup 2022. With the introduction of many special flight facilities by Air Arabia and Fly Dubai, the United Arab Emirates h...

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UAE New Visa Rules For Investors

The UAE is at the forefront of innovation, attracting the greatest interest from investors and developers round the world. One of the key reasons for this might be the implementation of a special visa system for entrepreneurs and investors. Foreign investment within the UAE has grown massively since...

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New Rules Announced New Entry & Residency in UAE

The UAE has announced new Entry and Residency Rules.In April this year, the UAE unveiled new entry and Residency programs. There are new categories available now which expand the categories of beneficiaries. At the time of writing and effective from September 2022, there will be ten kinds of entry v...

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Museum of the future Dubai

There's always something new to discover or experience in Dubai that ranges from the tallest structure and the biggest picture frame to the largest nature-based flowering garden. This is among the most compelling reasons people repeatedly come to Dubai. Therefore, on your next Dubai visit, be ready...

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Ain Dubai The world's tallest observation wheel

Ain Dubai is the latest landmark to join Dubai's long list of record-breaking world attractions. Located on Bluewaters Island, the giant observation wheel stands at a staggering height of 250m, making it the highest and largest of its kind in the world.The monument is an amazing feat of construction...

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7 Amazing Places To Visit In The Emirates

We'll discuss the most beautiful destinations you should explore throughout the Emirates in this post. Because the region in the UAE is tiny and compact, it is easy to get around quickly with public transport that is efficient, clean, and without hassle.1. DubaiYou don't have to read this post to be...

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Things To Know Before Signing Tenancy Contract

If you consider renewing your Dubai rental's annual tenancy agreement, be aware it's 90 days. That's the primary number. Because Dubai offers such a wide variety of options for living, including low-rise apartments and massive, luxurious villas, The RERA Rental Calculator allows everyone to remain p...

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Corporate Tax In UAE

UAE - Corporate TaxThe much-anticipated corporate Tax has been confirmed through a press release in the UAE by the Ministry of Finance (MoF). The ministry said the new regime implies a standard statutory tax rate of 9% and a 0% rate for taxable profits up to 375,000 dirhams ($102,107.50) to support...

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Activities to enjoy on your stay in Dubai

Five things to do during your trip to DubaiMake the most of the quality of your Dubai experience by adding some activities that must be included in Dubai!Burj KhalifaThe Burj Khalifa is officially referred to as the world's highest building towers over Dubai's significant cityscape. It's an iconic s...

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