Jumeirah Islands

The project was designed through Nakheel Properties, Jumeirah Islands is a luxury residential area situated in the heart of Dubai. It's nestled between JLT and Dubai Marina. The area is a freehold community and is home to a variety of beautiful villas. Jumeirah Islands has become a favorite among ex-pats who love nature and want to return home to peace and tranquility.

It is comprised of 50 man-made islands and 46 of them are residences, Jumeirah Islands is a gorgeous archipelago with a variety of saltwater lakes, which are also artificially created. It is easy to access as a self-sufficient village. The properties located in Jumeirah Islands include villas in the gated community.

If you're looking for homes in Jumeirah Islands, there are villas available for sale within Jumeirah Islands. Additionally, there are wonderful villas available for rent within Jumeirah Islands too. The villas for residential use are scattered across 46 of the 50 man-made islands and have 5 to 4 bedrooms. Each villa cluster is given distinct names, such as European, Mediterranean, Tropical, Oasis, Contemporary, and Islamic. The three layouts to the villas located in Jumeirah Islands: Garden Hall, Entertainment Foyer as well as Master View. Rent or buy homes within Jumeirah Islands and live a luxurious life.

Properties in Jumeirah Island is split into clusters with diverse architectural styles. European Cluster is influenced by Spanish as well as French designs that were popular in the 17th century and features garden designs that are geometric. The selling prices of villas within Europe's European Cluster start from AED 5.9M. Another popular area can be found in It is known as the Islamic Cluster. It is, as the name suggests. it's influenced by Moroccan, Ottoman, and Abbasi architectural styles. Based on the opinions of our users on our site These two are the most popular areas for buying and renting townhouses and villas.

The next one is The Mansions sprawled across 300 hectares and featuring an exclusive selection of villas that have private gardens and a pool. If you're in search of Freehold 5- to 6 bedroom luxury homes, villas for the auction within The Mansions are considerable. Prices begin at around AED 11M. In contrast, Oasis Cluster villas have the most diverse wildlife and flora. tropical Cluster villas are typically elegant structures set in the middle of lakes.

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