The Best Pavilions You Must Visit In Expo 2020

Oct 30, 2021 Views 2066

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Expo 2020 has commenced with all its splendor and attendees have begun arriving from every corner of the globe. Over 411,768 visitors were recorded in the initial ten days of Expo 2020. For those who aren't familiar this is an exceptional manifestation within The Middle East that is set to last over six months. The location of the event will be transformed into a major development called District 2020, once the event is finished.

The show features pavilions set by more than 190 countries. They are all distinct in their own ways which is why they draw an enormous amount of visitors. However, it's difficult to visit each one if you are only able to visit for a day.

In order to help you have the most enjoyment from Expo 2020, we have identified the top pavilions that you should not miss out on when you go to. Let's look:

United Arab Emirates

The UAE pavilion is a celebration of the cultural traditions of the nation as well as the way it is geared to meet the future. The structure of the pavilion is reminiscent of a falcon's flight, which is the national bird in the UAE. The wings of the pavilion are able to move upwards and downwards in directions. Not only are they visually appealing, but they generate renewable energy too.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia pavilion is a proud record holder, having an interactive feature that is the longest, biggest LED mirror screen, and the largest interactive floor. The third one, in particular, is worth a visit since it is home to seven hundred and eighty LEDs. With the latest technologies, the lights respond to the visitors, creating attractive visuals.


With a stage for music located at the entry point the pavilion in Australia is making a splash. The pavilion to feature live music throughout the duration of the event thanks to this music stage. The pavilion was created by bureau^proberts. It is a cumulus cloud-like form, that showcases the vast terrain of Australia. On the technology front, the Australian pavilion showcases Australia's progress in technological advancement and new discoveries.


Pakistani pavilion was the center of attention since the first day of the fair and deserves all the praise at the in the fair as well as square. The pavilion has a distinctive attractive facade that highlights the diversity of nature, culture, and long history of the country. With this pavilion, the nation hopes to unlock the untapped opportunities in the tourism and investment sectors. This is part of the opportunities district.


China is credited with having the biggest pavilion at Expo 2020. Expo 2020. The perfect blend of technology and rich Chinese tradition, this pavilion is designed like a traditional lantern. It is constructed using sustainable materials and cutting-edge technology. It displays the nation's most innovative printing technology. The most notable aspect however is the spectacular display of lights that it creates as the sunsets. It is definitely a sight worth seeing!


Luxembourg Pavilion is easy as one of the most attractive pavilions among them. It is shaped like a Mobius ribbon it is visitors an exciting way to get in. Instead of descending the stairs, visitors can choose to take the slide which will take straight to the surface inside the pavilion. There is no other pavilion at the Expo 2020 boasts of this style.


The most striking feature of this Belgian pavilion lies in the lush green exterior that it is proud of. The idea behind the arch is to highlight the value of nature to solve the urgent issues our world is facing. There's also a stand inside the pavilion, where you can sample authentic Belgian food. The pavilion is 500 square meters in size. has a lounge area and a rooftop terrace that allows guests to take in breathtaking views of Dubai's stunning landscape. This pavilion can be found in Expo 2020's mobility area.

South Korea