New Rules Announced New Entry & Residency in UAE

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The UAE has announced new Entry and Residency Rules.

In April this year, the UAE unveiled new entry and Residency programs. There are new categories available now which expand the categories of beneficiaries. At the time of writing and effective from September 2022, there will be ten kinds of entry visas that are very easy to obtain and offer a variety of advantages.

It is vital to know that these visas don't require a sponsor or host and offer greater flexibility by allowing multiple entries that last for 60 days and only one application platform.

These visas are available to workers with qualifications, investors, self-employment, and relatives.

Golden Residence Visa

Golden Residences visas are for those who have the Golden Residences visas are applicable for entrepreneurs, investors, frontline workers, outstanding talent, outstanding students and professionals, graduate students, scientists as well as humanitarian pioneers.

Golden visas are permanent residence permits granted to the above categories. It's designed to enhance the investment climate and boost the performance and growth of companies.

The advantages that come with the golden visa include:

Ten years renewable residence visa

There is no requirement for an employer or sponsor

The amount of time spent in the UAE doesn't invalidate the validity of this type of visa

This applies to all family members, including spouses and children, without an age limit.

There is no limit to the number of support service workers.

If the first gold residence permit holder dies, the family members may remain in the UAE until the end of the residency permit.

Valid for six months. Entry visa valid and with multiple entries

Residency Permits

Residency Visas for Dubai can be granted for 1, 2, or 5 years, depending on the kind. There are three options: Remote Work Residence Retirement Residence Visa, and Real Estate Owner's Residence. There is no requirement for a sponsor to get these visas.

The resident can grant a Family Member visa for his/her spouse, children, and children up to at least the age of 25 and unmarried daughters without age limitation.

The residence permit is issued to children of determining age regardless of age. Green residence holders can sponsor relatives of the first degree. The length of the family members' residence must be equal to their sponsor's duration of the residency.

You may be granted visas for investment, work, education, and living if you seek a residency visa.

You may also apply for permission to reside in humanitarian situations that work in the following ways:

A woman who has lost her husband and she has a child or more

Parents or children of UAE citizens who have a foreign passport.

Spouses and partners of UAE citizens with passports from abroad

Residence Permits to Work can be granted for five years without the requirement of an employer or sponsor. They can include Green Residence for free Lancers ( Self-employment ) and Green Residence for employees with a high level of skill.

The regular employment residence permit lasts for two years.

Residence permits for Investors last for five years. They are referred to as the green home to investors & Partners.

Students who have residence permits in educational entities are valid every two years and are issued by a licensed educational institution located in the UAE.

Visa for Entry

There are a variety of visas for entry. There are ten kinds, and they come with different advantages. You could request an entry visa to travel, visit family or friends, work on a temporary mission, investigate possibilities for employment, research the possibilities of business, medical treatments, training or studying, emergencies, diplomatic, or even as GCC residents.

The advantages of these visas are numerous:

Tourist Visa: sponsored by a tourism establishment

Multi-Entry Tourist Visa: This lasts for five years, without a host nor a sponsor

To visit relatives & Friends: there is no requirement for the host or sponsor

Temporary Work Missions: this is intended for those working for temporary assignments or a probation period.

Discover Job Opportunities This allows youngsters and experienced workers to look for opportunities to work without the sponsorship of an employer or host.

Discover Business Opportunities This allows easy access to UAE to those seeking profitable investment opportunities and business opportunities without getting an invitation from the host.

Medical Treatment: This could be arranged by a medical facility

Diplomatic Affairs: This is only valid for those who have diplomatic or special UN passports

Training or Studying: this is supported by educational organizations or private and public entities for internships and training

Emergency: This type of visa is used for sailors, passengers, flight crews, medical emergencies, and flight emergencies.

GCC residents The visa type described above is only for GCC citizens and their escorts.


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