ORO 24

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ORO24’s concept is inspired by the Italian word for GOLD, and 24 indicates the purest form of it, a sign of absolute, undiluted quality. Our luxury standards are reflected every step of the way - from the properties and the communities we create to the way we indulge our clients.

ORO24 is forward integrated company specialized in Real Estate Developments, Facilities and Investments. ORO24 build communities and craft lifestyles believing that a footprint can only be engraved when we take a holistic approach to every project we cater to. We envision reality through a different lens. One that foresees what could be and what is. ORO24 apply the latest technology as our relentless desire is to innovate in every step we take. Use the ORO lens! Live an epic life!


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إيلانو من شركة اورو 24


المطور : ORO 24

شقق : Studio, 1, 2

السعر يبدأ من درهم 530,000
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شقق ليفانتو من أورو24 للتطوير العقاري

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المطور : ORO 24

شقق : Studio,1,2,3

السعر يبدأ من درهم 465,000
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